and the rain outside come and go, so it will be a period of time, it becomes small.


  ”What you want to eat?I’ll go and buy.”Ginger and asked.
  Han Lin likes to eat while 深圳桑拿网watching the drama, every time she is ready to eat in a lot of things, come here today have nothing to eat, so and so asked ginger.
  ”fried chicken.”Lin Han said, she did not eat junk food for a long time, and she really wanted to eat.
  Ginger and nodded and said, “and I’ll.”
  After finished picking up the car keys and went out, Lin Han looked at his back, broad shoulders, narrow waist, a pair of big legs, because of year-round exercise, you can see each other often unintentional muscle between.
  And this silhouette, which Qiaotun.
  It really is not a lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery of beautiful eyes, Lin Han had never noticed these before, it really is ginger and feel a little reluctant to go.
  However, ginger and want to do something you enjoy, Lin Han is supposed to support him, such as ginger and because of th深圳桑拿网e relationship, so Lin Han do not own a person watching cartoons, but easily found a movie to see.
  After heavy rain the air is fresh, ginger and bought fried chicken put in his hand, on the elevator when a girl came out and brushed past him, because someone very familiar relationship, so ginger and multi-glance.
  The girl looks mood is not very high, her head bowed, and did not see Jiang.
  When you go upstairs, ginger, and still think, how could this girl here, is not moved here, but these no relationship with him.
  He opened the door, went in for a shoe.
  Movies on TV is constantly lying, but Han Lin has been lying asleep on the sofa, because some cold relationship, so she curled themselves into a group.
  Jiang and the hands of the stuff down, turn off the TV, go out of the room covered with a quilt to give Lin Han.
  Lin广州桑拿 Han eyes closed in uniform breathing, ginger and looking at sitting on the ground looking at each other sleeping face.
  He reached tidied each other’s hair, Lin

a chance.”


  Luo Xue frowned, looked up at him, “I do not.”
  Even then look at times, very few people can immune Luoxue of beauty, when a pair of amber eyes, consciously or unconsciously look at you, you can easily be that perfect face to attract, Song of the Week have to admit, Lu杭州桑拿oxue is really pretty, not with the beautiful can not describe this beauty, because she looks just like a real person, but fortunately her vivid facial features and black hair gave this beauty belt a little real sense, otherwise looks like a carved out of snow and ice like a beauty.
  Numerous media are generously praised her as “Century Beauty” and even magazine promises this is the century’s most beautiful face, naturally can not praise these are groundless.
  Such dazzling beauty coupled with the amazing talent, make her generation among the most dazzling star, is a very normal thing.
  But when talent dissipated, was exposed lip-synching, combined with fans of those unsightly scandal, those fanatical fans bite is terrible.
  Song of the week to avoid her gaze, frowned and said: “By now, willful yet?You do not can do, I mean you come forward to apologize.You psychologically prepared, and you may have to surrender the company, you’d better 广州桑拿give me honest a little recently, or I can not help you.”
  Luoxue above his head and fell on the sofa, next to the Cubs take cover his eyes, who ignores Zhou Song.
  Song of the week to see her this piece of dead pigs are not afraid of open water hot look, revealing a sneer, put things down, directly to leave, and lounge inside on the left of a Luoxue – after all, she is not the heyday of the superstar, just come down to a wretch people cry nothing, of course, Zhou Song will not have any patience for her, after she slipped away from the hospital this

a woman, the last surviving, only a child and a daughter, the eldest son Xiao Yong, now Xiao Duke.


  Daughter married i杭州桑拿洗浴nto the palace Nelson, Nelson is a princess, far away from the capital.
  Entropy her second s苏州桑拿on, she lived to the age of thirteen, a disease alas, now almost two decades.
  If this skin disease head monk said second son is not a bastard Hsiao-chi, then, he said, are not allowed in!
  Her second son died long ago, and where they come from what Lost Souls?
  ”Master, I have only one legitimate son, remaining sons, early deathOf you these words, I am afraid that is nonsense. ”
  ”Ms. Hou Hsiao, you’re just in his forties, has not Laoyanhunhua, I say, how can you not understand?Alas Alas!”
  Xiao Lao Taijun see that the monk getting more and more outrageous, that he was drunk, that are insane and crazy language, she felt that this child is just a false alarm, he left the living room, ready to police he sent away.
  Unexpectedly, Xiao and other Laotai Jun reached the door, that leprosy head monk suddenly jumped from her chair, with a pace广州桑拿 no one not see, Xiao Lao Taijun quickly ran to the front, a pinch her arm, said last remarks.Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  989 Shaw’s elegant Houfu

  ”Look at you today, good wine meat entertain my share, I put the secret, quietly tell you!”
  Peanut – Head monk in Minato Xiao Lao Taijun ear, whisper said: “In the future, if there was a woman can control the Ju Lang, do not let go, she is elegant but you Houfu Shaw, lucky star!If she can stay in your Xiao Hou Fu, your amulet, will be able to hide later, Xiaojie the first two, it could defuse.If you can not keep her, then, from to



TOWER TOWER holmium杭州桑拿 Weng ammonia Tuan  Jiaoju Qiyufeiju Minguuqianji holmium?

not know what you are talking about.”Originally, Su said she was exquisite, do not know anything, but Schiemann Yin could not help, say something,” she will not steal things.”


“Parents are killed off, was adopted your family, lived in slums period of time, what can not do this?”Commandant Yang sneer,” als深圳桑拿网o pretend to be your own home, and maintenance blame her, do not think of it, where is your father work.Our family industry, now already the industry downturn.”His eyes are full of hostility, but also voice warning.

Schiemann Yin some regret, it really put things like Su exquisite as bad, she just less two, but better, more than a month’s time.

Yin Yang commandant looked Schiemann not speak, and Schiemann already Yin does not matter, then continued: “Sophie is my savior Song, Song Yunqing took her things that took my stuff.”Commandant Yang said,” go back and let your sister honestly, do not reach out and touch something he should not touch the.Disgusting.Just splashing water, it is considered loose, and that time let alone still sick, even if it is transferred, and I have a way to get her.”

Schiemann Yin hear t深圳桑拿网he heart is pounding in accordance with the orders of the Soviet Union exquisite say nothing, just the camera firmly aligned with the direction of the direction of the chest commandant Young.

Schiemann Yin wait until the people go, before gently sigh of relief, take the time out to think, is the first sick leave.

Song soft that there is definitely a problem, exquisite jade Su mentioned, she also has the impression, but the commandant Yang is clearly not ready unreasonable, partial to the soft Song.

Schiemann Yin hearts ignited raging fire, she felt short video to do a little better, make more money!

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these data, but she can not read, and now she could understand what is really amazing, really as long as people are willing to learn, you can learn to do anything.


  Lin Han had an idea before, she set up a charitable foundation in the day to help those who need help, she used to take to prepare杭州桑拿洗浴 your own $ 600 million to put into it, the way they added a 1.4 billion went to scrape together a whole.
  In the first day of opening, Lin Han did not go, Sunian An said, “Should not this time send a notice to inform you that you did a charity yet?”
  Lin Han: “.Well, little money, when can I donate points again boast of it.”
  So little money also drop in the bucket, Lin Han always felt that until the two billion spent over the fill up, anyway, so half past still enough of.
  To say is clever, do not know why Lin Han buy land, investment, decided to make do, you never lose too.
  So Han Lin took over the industry to the present, her company has been booming, she almost inflated.
  Lin Han’s here to live more and more happy, not very happy Cheyenne River.
  Because Zheng Chu Chu Zheng’s house began to put pressure on the hope that can change a girlfriend Chu Zheng.
  Because when Chu Zheng’s mother’s birthday, Chu Zheng was passed with the Cheyenne River.
  Under the Cheyenne River Chu Zheng mother’s eyes, the hand should not know where to put myself, very nervous.
  Chu Zheng took her before, but also specifically to send her to the etiquette lessons杭州桑拿洗浴 too, I want her to be able to show a little better on his mother’s birthday party, but Chu Zheng mother of her are not even a smile.
  Even the Cheyenne River and then slow, she knew Chu Zheng’s family did not welcome her.
  It made her very depressed.
  At first she worried about is Lin Han, now she found Lin Han is simply not the most important, Chu Zheng even then she should marry the consent of the family.
  If they do not agree with them at home, then how can we do?
  Cheyenne River fears soon come true, Mrs. Chu told reporters when the

olian cavalry at the head back, behind Mengzhao Shi soldiers to kill, immediately turn the offensive and defensive potential!Mongolia Jijun’s formation suddenly chaotic, Meng Zhaojun team like a sharp arrow inserted into their ranks tail, strangling their cavalry.And other behind a mess in the middle of the team I do not know what happened, only back under less panic Daiqin to comply with military orders to retreat backwards, unknown panic is contagious, under unknown circumstances military, ears still ringing deafening battle cry, I do not know how many troops surrounded them, trampling each other do not know where the collision!


  Mongol army throughout the chaos, like a lost constraints torrent flowing through, Dai Qin also unable to pay even the chief c北京桑拿ommand, only being coerced quickly receded toward the origin!
  After running for a long time, Daiqin barely admitted to battle, army recount!
  The team behind Meng Zhaojun rush after a while, but not blindly chasing withdraw troops stop their fighting capacity, or too little can.Those from the state capital to be mobilized Fangshou Jun, and some can barely ride a horse, even the weapons are Nabu Wen, catching only to die down!
  Because soldiers can fight too, especially outside of the capital, or else it will not Han Zhen order to alleviate the pressure on local state capital, decided to attract Mongolian cavalry outside the city of Kaifeng to solve.Local state capital requirements as long as they can keep a good city is like, then of course there is spare capacity to surround and annihilate when the time to make a best fit!Otherwise relying Meng toward the huge number of advantages, while Mongolia is alone in-depth, in order to play more small can destroy them!
  Says Dai Qin finally Zhazhu ground, but a little number is the loss of five thousand soldiers, ten thousand horses, countless other losses not help furious!
  And then that day苏州桑拿网, led by a loose horse people rushed back, surprised glanced awkward team, my hea

ral dropped to the ground like Cream.


  Beauty foot moon, dressed and dance, ethereal white silk, fantasy land with the cross yesterday to see exactly the same.
  Unfortunately, that beautiful face on the painting somehow very vague, not see the face.
  ”It looks a 广州桑拿网lot like beauty with how small a bit like cotton?”Li Dapeng secretly muttered, his eyes kept glancing toward the Soviet Union at that rain.
  ”It took face, can see what?”Lu cross out cigarettes, just I want to point and saw standing beside his face look dull Su rain, subconsciously Qiazhao cigarette, put it back.
  ”I 深圳桑拿网heard that Zhou is no way oppressive tyrant though, moody, but rich talent, by Tianwei talented.”King of Long Valley staring at the paintings, a look of certainty.
  ”Like a murderous madman, you can have any talent.”Lu Da Cici’s casual cross find a wooden chair to sit down.
  Arrogant cross legs.
  Wang Long Valley as a historical and cultural defenders, immediately retorted, “Man has two sides.Even Qin Shi Huang also done things Fenshukengru.”
  ”This is a fake.”Suddenly, a soft voice beeped.
  Wang Long Valley frown, “how do you know is false?What do you know a girl every family of the little girl?”
  ”And you say is false, where fake?”
  ”Anyway, anyway, not with my family, like.”Su rain can not tell what they were, I can only whisper.
  The sound is too small, too soft, we did not hear clearly, only feel like some cross land lift the广州桑拿网 eyelid lift.
  Wang Su Long Valley clearly do not believe this little girl, then rain, Yipie Yan but saw that support Kapok hairpin on her hair.
  ”Such a hairpin, you actually make use of their own?”King of Long Valley breath almost did not come up to breathe.
  Long Valley is the king of this hairpin cross shot together with land.
  A full eight million.
  Su rain unknown so head tilt.
  Wang Long Valley glance look of indifference cross land, shaking his head again.
  Now xiaonianqing talk about a love, we do not say, we do not dare to ask na.
  ”This painting came from?”Su

. However, the boys but with a kind of heroic temperament.


  Two children of similar age, and soon became friends along the way childhood, fought side by side, from the most int苏州桑拿imate comrades in arms, and later became, Juanqimei couple.
  Northwest Wang Rongwei finally got his wish, Xiao 上海夜网Yi was such a Shenglongkuaixu.
  Xiao Yu did not take long to get married, it was canonized as the eldest son of Hsiao Houfu.
  Xiao Yi in his early twenties, looks outstanding military exploits hehe, go horseback riding in the streets of the capital, is the dream of thousands of young girls.
  High-spirited year, Xiao Yu did not look up to this brother and goals.
  However, this is all in all, are halted 12 years ago.
  Over a decade ago, Northern Liao rapid unification, became the Northern Territory a force to be reckoned with, non-stop harassment big Zhou border, people have suffered.
  Northern Liao Xiao Jiajun sent late emperor expedition, to regain lost ground.
  Treemass limelight Xiao Yu, naturally Xiao Jiajun coach.
  Although only twenty-four years old, can Xiao Yi is already a veteran campaign ten years on the battlefield.
 南宁夜网 The last ten years of war, Xiao Yi has an undefeated record.
  This time, Northern Liao war, he successfully defeated the Northern Liao, will be deported to the Northern Territory Northern Liao hundred miles beyond.
  Victorious generals troops to the capital, but did not want to, not to the capital took place accident.Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  759 meaningful

  To leave the capital, there are a hundred miles outside of the building, and Xiao Yu is very similar to the situation in Yongsan army Xiao line, suddenly,